Give Up or Get Well

With our daughter’s wedding just around the corner, there is a lot of excitement in my family right now. As a psychotherapist and a nutritionist who specializes in mental health, I know too many people whose health and mental health symptoms rob them of the joys of such wonderful life events.

Sometimes we just want to give up, or our loved ones are ready to give up on us…

Take Joe, whose wife agreed to support him seeing me before she decided to separate. They had done countless sessions of couples therapy and their therapist finally referred Joe to me for a Neuronutrient assessment (that’s “Brain health” in English).  

Porn was ruining his marriage

Joe had struggled with pornography addiction for decades and had spent the last three years white-knuckling it. He was able to avoid porn but was slowly turning to alcohol to fill the void it had filled. He and his wife wondered why, if porn was out of his life, why wasn’t his marriage able to improve? Like many addicts, he had never been able (or knew how!) to address the underlying chemistry behind his addiction. (For pornography, this is usually endorphin/dopamine related.) He had simply transferred his “drug of choice” from porn to alcohol, which was creating new and different issues in his marriage.

Within weeks, using the right targeted supplements for Joe’s neurotransmitter imbalances, he reported no “cravings” for porn, and that alcohol didn’t hold the same appeal that it previously had. Because he felt better, he was able to be more present and available for relationship, which is what his marriage had been missing.

“My dream business is too hard”

Lani, a part-time mom and full-time entrepreneur had started and grown a successful business as an agent for high-end speakers.  When she came to see me, she was about to give up on her dream business because it was “too stressful” and making her completely unable to be present and enjoy time with her kids.  I instructed her to please not make any big decisions until she had given me three or four weeks to work with her. We started some targeted supplements, and I sent her home with a lab kit to have her cortisol levels measured. When the results were in, I knew why she felt overwhelmed and we worked together to correct her HPA-Axis functioning, as well as the underlying reasons it was dysfunctioning.

In a short amount of time, she reported back that she loved her job and was so grateful that she hadn’t given it all up. She was able to enjoy playing with her kids instead of worrying all the time and she was able to get off the adderall she was using in order to function every day.

Don’t give up!

Interested in more information on how to help others in your office? Or do you need an assessment that will, maybe for the first time, look at the root causes of whatever it is keeping you from enjoying wonderful life events? Don’t miss another day of the wonders of family, life, relationships, and everything wondrous to you. 

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