Vonda Schaefer, MFT

Are you suffering from:

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • substance abuse

  • eating disorders

  • ADHD

  • sleep disorders

Are you looking for an approach that goes beyond talk therapy or medication?

Are yo wondering if there is a natural way to help you with your symptoms?

Have you wondered if your gut health is connected to your mental health?  (It is!)

As a Nutritionist, Neuronutrient Therapy Specialist and a licensed MFT, my unique approach can help resolve the root cause of mental health symptoms.

A holistic approach in therapy is unique and overwhelmingly effective. If you are unsure if your symptoms or eating patterns are due to emotional needs or physical needs, I can help you find answers.

To think that I have been out of balance for years, possibly decades, is staggering. To know that it was such a simple, affordable fix – is heartbreaking. I believe I lost quality of life because of my health, sleep patterns, emotional highs and lows, and lack nutritional absorption. I have tried every gimmick and fad, regardless of the cost – in order to “feel good.”

My work is to take a healthy approach to decrease physical and emotional symptoms.

The clients I work with report a variety of the following symptoms: insomnia, fatigue, depression, substance abuse, ADD, anxiety, panic attacks, eating disorders, and others. This is no way to live life!  When our brain chemistry and our bodies are healthy and balanced, we are able to experience pleasure, enjoy life and relationships without battling through symptoms.

Because I am a Nutritionist and a Psychotherapist, I can help sort out what is physical/chemical and what is emotional. Through the use of targeted supplements and dietary coaching, my clients experience relief of plaguing symptoms.

With my degree in Nutrition, a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, and a certification in Neuronutrient therapy, I understand biological connections to symptoms.  My work is to create sustainable, healthy, and non-addictive solutions to psychological issues.

My additional experience includes: work as a Clinical Supervisor, supervising peers as well as interns, authoring a book entitled “Counseling Youth: 101 Answers,” and teaching at a local community college.

Vonda literally changed my life! I came in tired, run down, high-anxiety, and feeling super sick and sluggish. After spending time with her in my very first session, I immediately started feeling better. The nutrients and supplements she put me on started working day 1. She is so thorough and really is an expert on nuero-nutrient testing. I would highly recommend her! I cannot thank you enough Vonda for getting me back to feeling my best.
— Kelly

Client Consultations

My practice is based out of Walnut Creek, California.  Initial client consultations are in person, but follow-ups may be conducted via phone and/or Skype.

Neuronutrient Assessment:

$295.00 ($175.00 follow ups)

During the initial 1.5 hour consultation we will draw up a guided plan.  I provide a road map that will likely include targeted supplements, determined through an assessment, lab testing, and trailing. The plan may also include dietary changes and further testing when warranted.

Psychotherapy Appointments:

$175.00 ($175.00 follow ups)

I still schedule psychotherapy appointments—I am a licensed psychotherapist.  My unique approach to psychotherapy sessions incorporates the neuronutrient and nutrition work.


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Although I am a licensed therapist, I do not contract with insurance companies. If requested I can provide a super bill which you can submit to your insurance company for applicable reimbursements.

I medicated with caffeine and alcohol and food in order to meet my immediate needs, and was always a step behind. When I began treatment with Vonda, I was recovering from surgery, a severe hormonal imbalance, and slight depression. Within a week, I felt a weight lifted – I felt joyful and optimistic and energetic. My sleep was solid, my cravings all but subsided. In short – I felt like my best self. I must offer a disclaimer – and that is that her prescription must be followed exactly. It isn’t something you can shilly shally on – or run to your local health food store and do on your own. My results came only when I followed the program to the t. Vonda’s training in amino acids alongside her education in nutrition, make her extremely qualified. I trust her work and this treatment 100%.
— Elise