Can nutrition really make a difference?

Functional Nutrition can get to the real cause of most mental health symptoms.

Maybe you think what you are dealing with is too severe for nutrition to help. I work on finding the real causes and resolving symptoms of depression, anxiety, insomnia, eating disorders, addiction, loss of motivation and more.

Have you wondered if your gut health is contributing to your mental health symptoms? There is a direct link. I assess for gut issues and work on bringing the gut back to health with many clients.

Through the use of targeted supplements (based on test results and assessments) and dietary coaching, many mental health symptoms can be addressed. 

If you are tired of seeking help and only getting another prescription, there is another way. Contact me today to find your best self again.

If you want to know more about how I work, read my interview published in the Santa Barbara News-Press:

or, read about real cases from my office by clicking the BLOG link on the top of this page.

If you are a practitioner dealing with mental health in your practice, and are interested in learning how to start bringing nutrition into the clinical setting, I can help. I have short intro courses (see “courses” tab above) as well as a two day certification program just for you. Nutrition Therapy Specialist Training.

What clients say

“Vonda literally changed my life! I came in tired, run down, high-anxiety, and feeling super sick and sluggish. After spending time with her in my very first session, I immediately started feeling better. The nutrients and supplements she put me on started working day 1. She is so thorough and really is an expert on nuero-nutrient testing. I would highly recommend her! I cannot thank you enough Vonda for getting me back to feeling my best.” —Ke