Nutrition Therapy Specialist Training Quiz

A passing score of 70% or above is required for students to receive a CEU certificate.

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There are no valid research studies showing that Nutrition has any connection to mental health. *
Amino acids can be used with anyone with no precautions. *
One of the amino acid that converts to serotonin in the body is 5-HTP. *
There is a connection between blood sugar levels and alcohol cravings. *
Starting recommendations for dietary improvement might be 1) Eat real food 2) limit processed food 3) Eat regularly *
Food intolerances have no impact on mental health. *
The amino acid that works on catecholamines, just as ADD meds do, is called tyrosine. *
You can suggest tryptophan without stipulations to a client who is on antidepressants. *
GABA is helpful for anxiety. *
A zinc tally is a good way to check zinc levels. *