Gut Bugs and Depression

"Carry" came to my office with very common symptoms. She had lost the joy in life and was tired all the time. Keeping up with her job was all she could do. 

Most people who present with these common depression symptoms are recommended anti-depressant medication without ever being asked about gut symptoms or gut health.

Because I am also a Nutritionist, I always ask these questions.

Carry was experiencing severe bloating (her family joked about her "magic stomach") burping, and gas. She was limiting her diet in an attempt to control symptoms.

The first thing I did was have her do a stool test. The lab"s results:


You are seeing correctly; Carry not only had a parasite but also a worm.

It is not as uncommon as you might believe.

Once we dealt with the REAL issues behind Carry's symptoms, everything changed. She now has energy and is back to enjoying her job and looking at her future. AND...she avoided going on medication.

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