Make the first move.

I recently moved to Northern California to follow a great career opportunity for my husband. In saying yes to this adventure, I had to close a full practice in Central California. My plan was to take a break, recharge, and revamp what I wanted my practice to look like. I knew I would need to meet some local practitioners in Northern California in this process.

It takes a bit of boldness to reach out to someone you have never met and to also ask for something from them.

Sometimes making that first move takes guts.

But it can be like taking that first step towards that something you want. It was like that for me. I wanted to ask someone about working in Northern California and about the culture of doing psychotherapy here. I randomly picked a local therapist from a popular directory and we met at a local restaurant. What a doll! Not only was she happy to give her time to a new potential competitor but was truly excited to hear about my work and by the time we said goodbye, she had a handful of clients in mind to send my way. She also put me on list of colleagues for which she coordinates a local social/networking group.

I showed up wanting something from her and forgetting that I have something to offer to her and to my new community also.

Whatever you are doing, working towards, hoping for...don't be afraid to make the first move. Sure it could open up to a brick wall but after a few attempts, you will find one that seems to catapult you further on your path or even helps you define your path.

I see this at work when a new client decides to work with me. Making that phone call takes guts. Walking in the door for our first meeting is another big move.

I remember a client who was so scared that first session that she was almost frozen. She was retired and had never done any therapy. She had several secrets she hadn't told anyone. She had a lifetime of addiction. Her turning point was making the first move; she called me, she walked in, she talked. And that began her new path which opened up into something beautiful. Not because I am a magician, but I do know how to walk with someone on a journey of healing - both emotionally and physically. Her journey included addressing the addictions and we did that both psychologically and nutritionally.

What first move do you need to make?